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15 Sep.2020

YA-MAN’s Internationally Popular RF Beauty Device Series Recorded Accumulated Shipment Over 2.5 Million Units

YA-MAN’s especially popular RF (Radio Frequency) beauty device recorded accumulated shipment over 2.5 million units*1, with the support of many customers.

【An Introduction of RF Beauty Device Series】
RF (Radio Frequency) is a popular beauty treatment at professional esthetic salons. RF reacts to moisture and warms up the skin from deep within*2, whereas conventional thermal heaters only warm up the skin surface.

The first model of RF beauty device `Platinum White RF’ made its debut in 2013. It offers RF thermal function, cleansing with ion derivation, moisturization with iontophoresis*2, stimulating mimic muscle with EMS and pore tightening with cooling. It became very popular because of its multi functions. YA-MAN subsequently released new models with various added functions, known as a Photo PLUS series.

YA-MAN developed unique `double ring electrode’ to enable highly functional RF treatment at home, which used to be a special treatment only available at beauty clinics and professional esthetic salons. The technology acquired patent*3. This beauty device series equipped with our patented technology receives a wide support across the World and became the popular series that represents YA-MAN.

【Examples of YA-MAN RF Beauty Device】
RF Beauty device `Photo PLUS’ : An aging care with RF※4
RF Beauty device `Bright Lift’ : Awakens brightness of your skin
RF Beauty device `Photo PLUS Prestige S’ : The best skin ever
RF Beauty device `Photo PLUS Prestige SS’ : The superior model*5 embodying the very best of YA-MAN technology.
RF Beauty device `Bloom WR’ : Elastic, supple skin. Just 6 minutes lift up treatment with RF×EMS×Light※6

*1 The research is conducted by YA-MAN, during the period of October 2013 ~ the end of August 2020
*2 Up to keratinous layers
*3 Patent No.: 6212608
*4 An age-appropriate care
*5 The information disclosed here is as of August 2020
*6 Moving the device upward