Bloom 6


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Bloom 6

Chosen #1 for 4 years in a row
“Marketing Trends Data for Beauty Appliance/Health Appliances 2020” (Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.)
Performance for 2018–2019

“Marketing Trends Data for Popular Home-care Facial Beauty Device in the New Normal” (Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.) Performance 2020-2021


Over 4 million units of RF Beauty Device Series are sold*.
*Number of sell-in units counted from October 2013 to the end of September 2022. (Source: in-house research)

4 million Units sold


Bloom WR
Product Code
Product Name
Bloom 6
  • Multi RF System*
  • Dynamic Multiple Currents EMS
  • Eye care
  • Red LED

  • Global
Charging Time
approx. 3 hours
Operating Time
approx. 30 minutes
Recommended Usage
5 times a week (5 minutes a day)
approx. W47 × D47 × H181 mm
approx. 180 g
Country of Origin
AC adapter, User's Manual, Flawless Serum Hydrating (80 g)


What is the recommended duration and frequency of use?
As a general rule, use it once a day (for 6 minutes, or 10 minutes on power level),5 day a week.
* Please observe your skin condition and use the device accordingly.
* Check carefully to make sure there are no skin abnormalities before using the device. Stop using the device immediately if the treatment does not agree with your skin.
Can I use the device continuously?
We recommend using this device once a day (for 6 minutes, or 10 minutes on power level).
How much of the skin-care product should I use each time?
Apply about eight pearl-sized drops of the included skin care product for the entire face.
It is possible to use skin care products that you already own if they are water-soluble.
If you are using skin care produts that you already own, use the recommended usage amounts as guided. We recommend using skin care products. If you feel that the amount of skin-care product is insufficient, add more.
Can I use the device in the bathroom?
The device is not waterproof. Do not use the device in the bathroom.
My skin is feels hot after use.
This is due to heat of the radio frequency (RF).
The electrode head does not warm up.
The radio frequency(RF) does not warm the electrode head. Rather, it uses the power of electricity to warm your skin.
What happens when I increase levels?
As the levels increase, your skin is warmed more quickly and strongly. You will also feel the EMS more strongly.
* Use only Level 1 when starting until you are accustomed to use.
Can I wash the device with water?
This device is not waterproof. Do not wash it with water. Doing so may cause a failure of the device.