RF Facial Care Device Bright Lift

Awaken Brightness The RF Facial Care Device focuses on brightening skin complexion by using a three-step approach to treating signs of aging, working on mature skin texture caused by dryness, clogged pores, and blackheads.

Bright Lift

Chosen #1 for 4 years in a row
“Marketing Trends Data for Beauty Appliance/Health Appliances 2020” (Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.)
Performance for 2018–2019

“Marketing Trends Data for Popular Home-care Facial Beauty Device in the New Normal” (Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.) Performance 2020-2021


Over 3 million units sold from our RF Beauty Device Series*.
*Number of units counted from October 2013 to the end of May 2021. (Source: in-house research)

over 2.5 million


Illuminating brightness with three-functioning modes

STEP 1: Polish

Through the power of ions, the device removes dirt in pores and old keratin remaining on the skin even after cleansing, enhancing the skin’s brightness and creating a foundation for skincare.

STEP 2: Satiate

Using the MELANO BARRIER PULSE, treatment uses a coordinated approach to enhancing skin tone. Achieve brighter and more radiant skin using the device in conjunction with whitening cosmetics.

STEP 3: Enclose

This mode firmly tightens the skin at the end of treatment using the cooling down function and blue LED.

RF Technology

An even stronger sense of effectiveness is achieved through use of Circle RF Lifting Technology, whose patented structure* delivers heat over a wide skin area via RF (Radio Frequency).*Patent acquisition number:6212608

Heat is delivered over a wide skin area via the patented double-ring structure*.

*Patent acquisition number:6212608

By preventing concentrations of localized heat, the device achieves a higher ouput ensuring the effectiveness.

What is RF?

Radio Frequencies -- By hitting the skin with more than one million vibrations per second, the Radio Frequecy will gradually generate warmth, with the purpose of stimulating cutaneous collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.This technology is highly popular among beauty professionals and Med Spas.

Source: SOUKEN


A newly introduced waveform that has been incorporated into the “MOIST mode” The skin undergoes treatment while being warmed by RF. It is recommended that the device be used in conjunction with cosmetics containing Vitamin C derivatives, Tranexamic Acid, or other whitening ingredients.

How to Use

Usage Image

Move the device over the face from the inside towards the outside in the order of (1) through (4), at a speed of approximately 4 cm per second.

The device will sound to notify you of the half-way point in the operating time. When you hear the sound, begin treatment on the other side of your face.

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Bright Lift
Product Code
Product Name
Bright Lift
  • RF 1MHz
  • Ion Cleansing
  • EMS
  • Blue LED
  • Cooling
  • Vibration

  • Global
Charging Time
approx. 2.5 hour
Operating time
approx. 40 minutes
Recommended Usage
2-3 times a week
Main body (with cotton stopper): approx. W45 × D66 × H211 mm
Main body (with cotton stopper): approx. 230 g
Country of Origin
Cotton stopper, AC adapter, Charging stand, USB charging cable, User's Manual


What is the recommended duration and frequency of use?
Recommended frequency of use: Two to three times a week for the CLEAN/MOIST modes. The device can be used daily on the COOL mode.
Recommended duration of use: CLEAN mode: three minutes; MOIST mode: five minutes; COOL mode three minutes
Please do not use the device on the same mode more than once a day. Excessive use may damage the skin. The above recommendations are guidelines only; please observe your skin condition and use the device accordingly.
How much lotion or gel should I use each time?
This device is designed to achieve better effects with an ample amount of lotions and/or gel. Apply lotion on cotton so that the whole surface of the treatment head is wet.
Use about two pearl-sized drops of the gel. We recommend adding more lotion or gel if you feel there is not enough.
I don’t feel any warmth from the RF when using the device on the CLEAN/MOIST modes.
Move the treatment head more slowly or press harder against the skin surface. It is also possible that there is insufficient lotion or moisture in the cotton. Add more lotion or gel.
The cotton is not picking up any dirt.
Dirt is removed even though it may not be visible on the cotton. The amount of visible dirt on the cotton can vary among individuals.
The RF is not warming the treatment head.
The RF does not warm the treatment head. Rather, it uses the power of electricity to warm your skin.
Is it possible to switch off the vibrations?
No, it is not possible to switch off the vibrations.