Circle Peeling Pro

Advanced technology delivers
the deepest cleansing.


Cleanses skin surface

Gently exfoliate dead skin cells on the skin surface and remove dirt from pores with 90,000 times/sec. ultrasonic micro vibration and ION cleansing.

Cleanses pores

Attacks old skin cells and stubborn pore dirt.
In addition, pulls out dirt with the power of ions, no more clogged pores.

Tightens pores

Moisturizes your skin and gives a micro vibration massage
Minimizes the appearance of pores.

How to use


Product Code
Product Name
Circle Peeling Pro
Ultrasonic micro vibrationION
Recommended usage
Once a week
W43 × D40 × H169 (mm)
Country of origin


What is the reason for applying gel to the peeling site?

Gel is applied to enable ultrasonic waves and ions to be directly and uniformly imparted. DO NOT use the device on dry skin.

What is the recommended duration and frequency of use?

  • Use the device around once or twice a week. Try to use the device no more than 5 minutes once a day.
    * These are only recommendations. Use the device in a manner most suitable for your own skin.
  • DO NOT use the device for 10 or more minutes on any given site.
  • If you perceive a skin abnormality, immediately stop using the device.
  • If you have sensitive skin, DO NOT use the device 2 or more times over the same location when using the device for a single mode during a single session.

My skin turns red. What is happening?

Forcefully rubbing your skin with the head of the device can cause damage to your skin. Move the head so that it gently glides over the skin. To ensure that there is always some cosmetic gel or water between the head of the device and your skin, replenish with additional gel or water from time to time when using the device.

The device is not easy to move. What can I do?

The head will not glide smoothly across your skin if there is an insufficient amount of cosmetic gel or water on your skin. To improve the gliding action, use the device after generously applying cosmetic gel or water to your skin.

How should I clean and store the device?

  • After washing the head with water, wipe any residual water off the device and the surface of the head with a dry cloth before putting the device away. (Refrain from immersing the device in water.)
  • Do not store the device in a hot, humid location.

Can I use the device in the bathroom?

While you can use the device in the bathroom, you should exercise care since you cannot expose the device continuously for an extended period of time to a strong flow of water or immerse the device in water.

Is it normal to feel a stinging sensation on my skin?

Depending on the individual, a weak electrical current may stimulate the skin in a manner that can be felt. If you have gotten sunburnt or are suffering from a skin abnormality, stop using the device and see a physician or avoid using the device until the given condition clears up.

Can I use the device over makeup?

If you wish to use the device over makeup, you should use the device in conjunction with a cleansing gel and bigin with the Peeling made.

Can I only use the device with gel?

Use the device with water-soluble gel. Avoid using a scrub or any other invigorating product.
The following cosmetic products should also be avoided as they may cause skin problems or a malfunctioning of the device. <Cosmetics not appropriate for use>
Oil-based cosmetics, scrubs and exfoliants, and invigorating skin lotions.