EXPERIENCE ON - ZORI: The Next Evolution of Heated Shaving Skincare.
Japan's First Heated RF Electric Shaver.
Introducing the revolutionary HOT SHAVE Heated RF Electric Shaver, a game-changer in men's skincare that brings the luxury of a hot towel shave right to your fingertips, wherever you may be. Inspired by the fusion of modern Japanese technology and tradition, HOT SHAVE is designed in Japan and represents the next evolution of heated shaving skincare. HOT SHAVE's innovative Radio Frequency (RF) technology powers this All-in-1 electric shaver, delivering a heated shaving experience that is both gentle and efficient. By reacting to moisture and quickly warming the skin, HOT SHAVE softens facial hair and provides a soothing, comfortable shaving experience without irritation. Say goodbye to traditional shaving methods and experience the ultimate in men's skincare with HOT SHAVE. Try it now and discover the sensation of ON-ZORI - a combination of the Japanese words for warm and shaving - for yourself.

Hot Shave

Chosen #1 for 4 years in a row
“Marketing Trends Data for Beauty Appliance/Health Appliances 2020” (Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.)
Performance for 2018–2019

“Marketing Trends Data for Popular Home-care Facial Beauty Device in the New Normal” (Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.) Performance 2020-2021



Better Than A Straight Razor With A Hot Towel

Radio Frequency (RF) technology reacts to moisture by quickly warming the skin and softening facial hair, leading to a soothing and comfortable shaving experience that is free from irritation.


For many men, daily shaving can be damaging to the skin and applying lotions for daily skincare can be a nuisance. Despite popular belief, men's skin is surprisingly delicate. That's why it's important to use a shaver that not only provides a deep and thorough shave but also takes good care of your skin in the process.


Known to help stimulate collagen and elastin production, Radio Frequency (RF) waves penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, helping to promote a more youthful and revitalized appearance.

RF Function
RF Function
Dry shaving can be harmful to the skin, but with Radio Frequency (RF) technology, the high frequency reacts to moisture and quickly warms the deeper layers of the skin. This enhances the adhesion between the shaver and the skin, softening facial hair and enabling a gentle shave that won't cause damage or irritation to the skin.
Deep and Clean Shaving
Deep and Clean Shaving
When the skin is warmed, it increases in elasticity and adheres more effectively to the shaver, resulting in a smoother and more efficient shaving experience.
Double Rotary Blades
Double Rotary Blades
Equipped with blades measuring approximately 0.85 mm in thickness and capable of shaving at a speed of up to 2,000 strokes per minute, the pressure applied to the skin is evenly distributed and hair is precisely cut at the root for an exceptionally clean and close shave.


A made-in-Japan beauty device loved by the world

YA-MAN is the specialist in manufacturing beauty devices that has been leading the industry for over 40 years. Photo PLUS series is a made-in-Japan beauty device developed by YA-MAN. Its cutting-edge technology is applied to home beauty devices.
Enabling users to have authentic facial treatments, the quality of the Photo PLUS series is loved by people throughout the world.

How to Use

Apply shaving foam or shaving gel evenly to clean skin.
Turn On and Select Mode
Press and hold the power button. When power is turned on, the mode will be automatically set to RF + Shaver Mode.
Shave & Treat
Lightly apply the blade to your skin and move the device in circular motion. Gently stretch skin to allow a smoother shave while moving the device in small circles.
When finished, press and hold down the power button to turn off the device. Rinse face and clean device head.
Apply lotion, moisturizer, or serum evenly to clean skin.


Product Code
Product Name
  • RF 1MHz
  • Shaving
  • Red LED

  • Global
Charging Time
approx. 3 hours
Operating Time
approx. 25 minutes
approx. W65 × D65 × H185 mm
approx. 255 g
Country of Origin
AC adapter, Trimmer,Head cover,Cleaning brush,User’s Manual


What are the recommended frequency and length of use?
As a general rule
RF Shaver Mode : 7 days a week (once a day, up to 3 minutes)
Shaver Mode : 7 days a week (up to 3 minutes per session)
RF Mode : 5 days a week (once a day, up to 6 minutes)
Trimmer : 1 day a week (up to 6 minutes per session)
*If you use RF Shaver Mode or Shaver Mode for 3 minutes or longer, reduce the frequency of use.
*Excessive usage may cause skin damage.
Is the device more effective if I press firmly?
Do not press the roller firmly. Apply the double rotation blade in such a way that it touches to the skin closely. Apply it lightly so as not to damage your skin.
Can I use the device in the bathroom?
The main unit can be used in bathroom but cannot be used underwater.
Also, it cannot be charged in the bathroom.
What does it mean when cut hair remains on the skin?
Cut hair waste may remain on the skin depending on the beard's thickness or on the amount/viscosity of the gel. In such cases, wipe it off with tissue. Wash the head with water every time you use it. Also, after using the device, wipe off any remaining moisture thoroughly.
What skin-care products do you recommend?
RF Shaver Mode, Shaver Mode : shaving form, shaving gel etc.
RF Mode : lotion (thick lotions are recommended), etc.