Medi Lift

Japan’s first medical silicone mask*
equipped with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

*In terms of a use of 6 electrodes for a facial mask as on March 28, 2017. The survey is conducted by YA-MAN.


Just wear the mask
for 10 minutes and treat
your mimic muscles with
2 different EMS modes

Our proud product

All faces are asymmetry and their sizes vary widely.
You can select from 6 levels individually for each right and left side of your face. An elastic medical silicone which are used in medical care would fit to anyone’s face shape.

Training EMS Mode

Zygomaticus major (cheek muscles) should be exercised.
It is hard to train Zygomaticus major in daily lives.
Exercise your muscles with dynamic movements with low frequency EMS of 2.5~17Hz.

Release EMS Mode

Mamasseter muscle (jaw muscles) should be relaxed.
Mamasseter muscles tend to be overused, which may cause a square-jaw.
Relax your mamasseter muscle with low frequency EMS of 20~100Hz.


Product Code
Product Name
Medi Lift
USB Charge Global EMS
Recommended usage
approx. 10 minutes per treatment
approx. 50 × 50 × 15(mm) (Controller)
approx. 600 × 180(mm) (Silicon Mask)
approx. 145g (Controller+Silicon Mask)
Country of origin