Rei Beauté
R Flash

Beauty salon quality hair
removal treatment at home.
Unique high-speed flash technology.


Intelligent Roller

Detects the rotation as you slide it over the skin and automatically emits a flash at the appropriate timing.

Rapid flashes

Quick emission in 0.2 sec intervals※ Smooth and comfortable treatment.

※Roller mode Level 1

2 way grip

  • Roller mode (straight) 
    Intensity level: 3 levels
    No need to press emission button
  • Individual shot mode(Angled)
    Intensity level: Face mode … 3 levels
            Body mode … 5 levels

Hair removal +
skin beautifying

Covers a wide range of wavelengths containing a light that is effective for skin beautifying while cutting out harmful light.Increase in skin moisture and skin elasticity.

The device is only attacking the dark color balloon.
(white balloon: skin image, dark balloon: hair image.)

How to use


Product Code
Product Name
Rei Beauté R Flash
Recommended usage
First 2 months: Once every 2 weeks
From 3rd month: Once per 4-8 weeks
W202 × D63 × H53 (mm)
approx. 360g
Country of origin


The flash pulses feel hot and redness or pain is manifested. Is this normal?

Start using the device from level 1.
Once you have grown comfortable with this level, gradually raise the level. Perceiving a slight measure of heat from flash pulses is normal and does not pose any problem.
This problem can be attributed to the presence of long bits of excess hair or to the treatment of suntanned skin with flash pulses.
Remove excess hair and use the device on skin that has not been suntanned.
If redness or pain is manifested, discontinue use immediately and cool down and moisturize the skin.
If there is no amelioration, discontinue using the device and see a physician.

How many times a day can I use the device?

In single mode, the application of flash pulses on the same site twice or more times per day should be avoided.
Strong heat-generated stimulation may give rise to skin problems.
In roller mode, usage should be limited to five minutes per day for each body part.
* 1 body part = (examples) upper arm, forearm, thigh, lower leg,

Immediately after a flash pulse is discharged, I can smell a burning odor. Is this normal?

The burning odor comes from the heating of excess hair caused by the flash pulse.
If a burning odor is emitted by the device itself, immediately discontinue using the device, turn the device off, and disconnect the AC adapter.