Rei Beauté
R Flash PLUS

Complete total body hair removal in
4minutes with ease*.
A roller with a skin color sensor.

*Individual results may vary.
Treatment areas: underarms, arms, legs, fingers, toes,
under navel, with Level 1 of each mode.


Intelligent roller with
high-speed emission
in 0.2 second intervals

YA-MAN’s unique development of Intelligent Roller offers “high-speed continuous flush*”, which is a major technology used in beauty salons.

* Intelligent roller with quick emission in 0.2 second intervals.

Quick hair removal
treatment with 1.5 times
bigger irradiation areas*

Rei Beauté R Flash works on wider areas
with 6.0 ㎠ irradiation opening.

* A comparison with our existing product.

Selects the best
irradiation level

It is equipped with a sensor which detects skin tones.
You can manually adjust levels when you feel the automatically selected level is too strong or when you are treating sensitive areas.

* A(Auto-mode)=If auto-mode is selected, the skin tone sensor will detect the color of your skin to automatically adjust the device to the most appropriate level for your skin.

2 way grip

  • Roller mode (straight)
    Intensity level: 5 levels
    No need to press emission button
  • Individual shot mode (angled)
    Intensity level:
    Face mode・・・5 levels
    Body mode・・・5 levels

Hair removal +
skin beautifying

Covers a wide range of wavelengths containing a light that is effective for skin beautifying while cutting out harmful light. Improves skin moisture and elasticity.

The device is only attacking the dark color balloon.

Comes with a small size
head to treat narrow areas

You can easily treat narrow spots such as fingers and facial areas.

Manage your treatments
with our app(iOS device)

You can manage your treatments with an iOS device* (such as a smartphone or tablet) by linking our device to our app.
Install our app by following the steps outlined in a User’s manual.
・Not compatible with Android.
・Only available in Japanese.

How to use


Product Code
Product Name
Rei Beauté R Flash PLUS
ION Global
Recommended usage
First 2 months:
Once every 2 weeks.
(2-3 times a week with Single face mode)
From 3rd month:
Once every 4-8 weeks.
W228 × D78 × H63 (mm)
approx. 420g
Country of origin


The flash pulses feel hot and redness or pain is developed. Is this normal?

Start using the device with level 1.
Once you become comfortable with this level, gradually raise the level. Feeling a slight heat of flash pulses is normal and does not pose any problem.
This problem can be caused by a remaining long hair or flashing pulses to suntanned skin.
Use the device after removing excess hair with a handheld shaver or razor, or on skin that has not been suntanned.
If redness or pain is developed, stop using the device immediately. Then cool down and moisturize the skin.
If there is no amelioration, discontinue using the device and see a physician.

How often can I use the device per day?

In roller mode, usage should be limited to 5 minutes a day for each body part.
* 1 body part (examples): upper arm, forearm, thigh, lower leg, underarm.
In single mode, do not treat the same area more than once a day.
Intense heat-generated stimulation may cause skin problems.

Immediately after a flash pulse is discharged, I can smell a burning odor.
Is this normal?

The burning odor comes from the heating of unwanted hair caused by the flash pulse.
If a burning odor is emitted by the device itself, immediately stop using the device.
Turn the device off and disconnect the AC adaptor.