Hyper RF device for lifting treatment
at anytime, anywhere.
Generates salon quality 1 MHz Radio Frequency which is effective for treating aging signs.


The skin elasticity has
improved an average of
20% after 6 minutes of

RF treatment improves aging signs around eyes,mouth and face contours.
Bloom will enhance the skin elasticity and suppleness* for a younger look.

*The research is conducted by a third party.

The most powerful RF
output among RF series

Bloom provides professional 1 MHz RF
treatment, which is 20% stronger RF compared to our existing RF beauty device.*
Its RF will reach to deeper layers of skin (stratum corneum) and will help you to maintain a firm face.

*A comparison with HRF-10T.

The unique ‘Boost RF’

The device is equipped with an automatically
controlled safety function ‛Boost RF’ program.
You can feel its warmth immediately after the
device is turned on, and it will sensor the temperature of warmed skin to prevent unnecessary heat to be emitted.
Bloom will support your beauty everyday with the unique program to maximize the efficiency of RF treatment.

A patent licensed* double
rings to carry RF to the
deeper layers of skin

The double rings structure keeps a distance
between electrodes stable, which increases the area of contact with skin.
This will evenly warm up the wide areas.

*Patent No: 6212608

Simple and easy to use

3 minutes treatment for a each side of the face
with an upward movement.
The alarm will sound after 3 minutes.

Light and compact main unit (approx. 175g)
which nicely fits in women’s hands.
Comes with an USB charger to be portable.

How to use


Product Code
Product Name
USB change RF 1MHz Global
Recommended usage
5 times per week (6 minutes per day)
W47 × D45 × H154 (mm)
approx. 175g
Country of origin


What is the recommended duration and frequency of use?

Try to use it approx. 5 days a week (once a day, the maximum of 6 minutes per treatment).
*The above durations/frequencies are only guidelines.
Use the device appropriately based on your skin conditions.
*If you perceive a skin abnormality, immediately stop using the device.

Can I use the device constantly?

We recommend using the device once a day, for 6 minutes per treatment.

How much Flawless gel should I use each time?

Use about 6 large pearl-sized drops for the entire face.
We recommend using additional Flawless gel if you feel there is not enough moisture.

Can I use the device in the bathroom?

The device is not waterproof. Do not use the device in the bathroom.

My skin is flush after use.

This is due to the heat of RF.

The probe head does not warm up.

The RF does not warm the probe head.
It uses the power of electricity to warm your skin.

Is there any difference in its effectiveness when you change RF level?

As you increase RF level, it will be stronger and the device will become warm faster.