Cavispa RF Core

Face and body slimming treatment by RF,
Cavitation, and EMS.


3 Professional grade
treatments in 1

Treatments by using 3 professional grade technology can support the reduction of fat and cellulite effectively.

Radio Frequency (RF)1-3 levels

Using a high power of 1 MHz radio frequency, which is the same power for professional use.
It works by generating heat deep under the skin by promoting metabolism with a hyper-thermal effect. This procedure enhances blood/lymphatic flow, and is used for the purpose of fat reduction.

Cavitation (Cavi)

Using a high power 330 kHz deep ultrasonic that is also used in professional cavitation machines.
An extremely effective and non-invasive method of cellulite reduction.

Electrical Muscle
Stimulation (EMS)1-6 levels

Operates with EMS which effectively exercises the muscles. EMS mode can be used together or independently according to your skin condition. When used together, EMS will help to drain waste, and when used alone, it will help to firm the body.

Waterproof (IPX7)

How to use


Product Code
Product Name
Cavispa RF Core
RF 1MHzCAVI 330kHzEMSGlobalWater Proof
Recommended usage
2-3 times per week
W83 × D116 × H97 (mm)
approx. 307g
Country of origin


Can I use this product in the bath?

Yes, the device is waterproof (equivalent to IPX7 waterproof standard). However, do not submerge in water and leave it for an extended period.
If the head is difficult to move over the skin while in water, press it more lightly on the skin surface.

What is the recommended use?

Recommended use is during or after a bath when your body is warmed up. Treatment is helpful for making your body smooth & supple.

Can I use it in a sauna or bedrock bath?

Never use in a sauna or bedrock bath since the product may get hot and could cause burns.

Can I use it outside of the bath?

Yes. However, when using it outside of the bath and your skin is dry, you may feel less Sonic, RF, or EMS treatment. Use it with gel, water, etc. applied to the skin.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use this product?

Perform a pre-test on your skin first to check your skin reaction (see p.13 in user manual). If there is no adverse reaction to your skin, you may use it. If you feel or see any negative reaction on your skin, stop use immediately. If you cannot judge by yourself, consult a doctor.

What kind of skincare product should I use?

You may use your own lotion, serum, or gel. However, do not use any of the following as they may cause skin problems or a product malfunction:

  • oil
  • scrub
  • stimulating toner
  • toner or massage gel with warming effect
  • toner or massage gel that contains fat burning ingredients, etc.