RF Beauté
Photo PLUS

Japan No.1,
Professional facial treatments in 1 device.


Our Patent technology

Double circle rings with Radio Frequency (RF). Unique patent technology will heat the skin up deeper, broader, faster, and longer compared to other common types of RF devices.
It enhances to make your face the best condition to receive the treatments.

Treatment for
all types of skin troubles

Use this product in accordance with your personal skin condition.

CLEANRadio Frequency (RF) +
Ion Cleansing + Vibration

The warmth of RF and the power of ION will efficiently remove the dirt from your skin.

MOISTURERadio Frequency (RF) +
Iontophoresis + Vibration

The warmth of RF and the power of ION will enhance the penetration of skincare ingredients.

Can also be used without a cotton.

Can also be used without a cotton.

EMS Radio Frequency (RF) + Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Stimulates the facial muscles and enhance elasticity.

LED Radio Frequency (RF) + Red LED

Helps to minimize the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles.


Reduces the size of pores, and locks in moisture.

How to use


Product Code
Product Name
RF Beauté Photo PLUS
Recommended usage
2-3 times per week
W44 × D57 × H190 (mm)
approx. 220g
Country of origin


How much lotion or gel should I use for each treatment?

This device is designed to achieve better effects with sufficient use of lotions and/or gel. Apply lotion or gel on cotton so that the whole surface of the electrode head is wet. Add more when you feel it is not enough.

Can I use this device in the bathroom?

This product is not waterproof. You should not use it in the bathroom or in humid areas where it may get wet.

Why does my skin blush after use?

This is due to using RF for deep heating. If it bothers you, use the COOL mode or apply blue ice to cool down your skin.

Why do I feel a tingly sensation on my face and hands?

This is electrical stimulation from Ion Cleansing, Ion Moisture, or EMS and is normal.
You can adjust to a comfortable intensity level using the LEVEL button.
Always start at Level 1 for your first treatment or until you get used to the operation or treatment.

Why do I not feel warmth when using RF cleansing, RF moisture, RF EMS UP, or RF LED mode?

Move the treatment head more slowly or press harder against the skin surface.
It's also possible that the cotton is too dry, so you can add more lotion or gel to moisten the cotton.
RF repeats, turning on and off during treatment. When the RF symbol appears, RF is on.

Why can't I see dirt on the cotton?

Dirt is removed even though it may not be visible on the cotton. The amount of visible dirt on the cotton can vary between individuals.

Why does the head not get warm in RF?

RF is designed to electrically warm the skin tissue, not the treatment head itself.