RF Booster Pad Pore Refining
Deep Cleansing

Lotion sheets for Photo PLUS.
Removing dirt and old skin cells with our formula of “Radio Frequency × Dirt Adsorbent × Unique Method of Manufacturing Ultrafine Microfiber”.


Attractive ingredients

  • Pore Cleansing (Soap nut extract)
  • Keratin Softener (Honey fermented liquid)
  • Moisturizing (Sodium acetylated hyaluronate)
  • Exfoliation (Salix alba (Willow) bark extract)

A sheet material to optimize the effects of facial care with Photo PLUS

  • Uses soft material made with ultrafine fiber to reduce frictions.
  • Water retentive and moisturizing material will evenly care the whole face.
  • The thickness of sheet will not shade the warmth of Photo PLUS, so that it can optimize the effects of Photo PLUS.

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Fresh and hygienic
one-time disposable sheet

* Please put the sheet on the device when the power is off or on standby mode.

Free from 8 chemicals

Free from antiseptic, mineral oil, petroleum-based surfactants, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, silicone, ethanol, synthetic polymers.


Product Code
YRF0001 / 1pcs, YRF0003 / 15pcs
Product Name
RF Booster Pad Pore Refining Deep Cleansing
Pore Refining Anti-pollution Gentlee exfoliation
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