Tornado EMS Roller

It is designed to massage, drain, and knead
together with EMS muscle contractions
at the same time.


Pinch and release
the skin for an effective
kneading massage

The angle of the V shape will change with the tornado-like rotation of the 2 rollers. The rollers will pinch and release the skin for an effective kneading massage.

Electrical Muscle
Stimulation (EMS)

Effectively exercises your muscles for firming the body. Also, facial electrical muscle stimulation may rejuvenate aging, wrinkled, or sagging skin.

Waterproof (IPX7)


Product Code
Product Name
Tornado EMS Roller
EMSTornado RollerMicro CurrentWater Proof
Recommended usage
2-3 times per week
W107 × D150 × H65 (mm)
apporox. 187g
Country of origin


How many minutes should I use it per day?

Rollers (without EMS & Micro-Current):
1 minute per area, up to 3 times per day.
EMS: 10 minutes per area. Up to 30 minutes for the entire body per day, 2-3 times per week. (10 minutes total for both right and left upper arms, both thighs, or both calves). *Use depending upon your particular skin condition..

Should I press hard when using the rollers?

  • Pressing too hard may damage your skin. Gently glide over the skin especially when rolling over the face.
  • Glide the rollers with a pressure that feels comfortable to you.

Can I use it in the bath?

  • Yes, this device is waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath, but do not leave it submerged under water.
  • In some cases, the pinching action of the rollers will be weak if the skin is wet. In this case, press the rollers as needed to get sufficient treatment.
  • Avoid use in hot springs or baths having bath salts as this may cause a malfunction or corrosion due to added minerals in the water.

Can I use it in saunas or bedrock baths?

No, never use this device in saunas or bedrock baths as this will cause burns due to it being heated in a high temperature environment.

Can I use EMS outside of the bath or shower?

Yes, but if your skin is dry there are cases where you might not feel the EMS stimulation. If you feel the EMS is weak, wet your skin with water or use a skincare product to moisturize the skin before use.

I have sensitive skin. Is it OK for me to use it?

  • Test your sensitivity first by applying over a discreet area such as the upper arm and see if your skin condition changes.
  • If you experience any adverse skin reaction, discontinue use.

User Manual