LIFT WAVE creates an ideal curve for body and face.
4D drainage beauty device beyond the 3D*.
Patent licensed unique tornado shape roller gives three dimensional stimulation to length, width and height of the skin.

*It refers to a hand massage movement of aestheticians.
*Patent No.5490968


Just like an aesthetician’s
hand massage technique

A patent licensed TORNADO ROLLER* realized an aesthetician’s hand massage movement of pinch and stroke. This technology is combined with a unique wave pattern LIFT WAVE to create our original “LIFT WAVE SYSTEM”.

* Patent No.5490968

An original technology of

Equipped with unique wave pattern LIFT WAVE which radiates wider range of frequencies and stimulate muscles deeply and effectively.

EMS Low Frequency is for stimulating the muscles effectively.
EMS High Frequency is for stimulating the muscles deeply.

Selection of modes and level

BODY: After warming up your skin with a stimulation which would reach to the deep level, the device will exercise your muscles with dynamic movements.

FACE: Warm up your face with a comfortable stimulation and exercise your mimic muscles with the movement which would work on their fundamentals.

Product CG video

How to use


Product Code
Product Name
RF 1MHz ION EMS ION Global Tornado Roller
Recommended usage
Rollers only (power OFF):
approx. 10 minutes per body part,
up to 3 times per day.

Rollers and EMS (power ON):
approx. 10 minutes per body part,
up to 2-3 times per day.
W90 × D58 × H177 (mm)
approx. 230g
Country of origin


What is the recommended duration and frequency of use?

Rollers only (power OFF): approx. 10 minutes per body part, up to 3 times per day.
Rollers and EMS (power ON): approx.10 minutes per body part, 2-3 times per week
(total of 10 minutes for right and left upper arms, thighs, and calves, respectively).
*The above durations/ frequencies are only guidelines. Use the device appropriately based on your skin conditions.

Should I press hard when using the rollers?

Pressing too hard may damage your skin. Gently roll over the skin especially when
using it on the face.
Glide the rollers with a pressure that feels comfortable to you.

Can I use the device in the bathroom?

The device is waterproof and it can be used in the shower or bath, but do not leave it under water.
In some cases, the pinching action of the rollers will be weak if the skin is wet. In such a case, adjust the strength which you are pressing the rollers against the skin.
Avoid using in hot springs or baths with bath agents as this may cause a malfunction or
corrosion due to their ingredients.

Can I use it in saunas or bedrock baths?

Never use the device in saunas or bedrock baths as this may cause a burn with the heated device in a high temperature environment.

Can I use EMS even when my skin is dry?

When your skin is dry, it may be difficult to feel the stimulation.
If you feel the EMS is weak, please moisturize your skin with water, lotion or gel before using the device.

I have sensitive skin. Is it OK for me to use it?

Test your sensitivity first by applying over a discreet area such as the upper arm and see if your skin condition changes. If your skin experiences no abnormalities, you can use the device.
Do not use the device if a skin abnormality is perceived.

Can I use the device over makeup?

If the device is used over makeup, the foundation may cause smudges on the face.
Please remove all makeup before using the device.