Global After Service

We provide global repair service for a fee.
If you wish to receive warranty service, please consult your local agent.

Before sending the inquiry form, please check all of the following items
to ensure that the product needs inspection/repair.

Items to check

Please check the items below.
The application form will not activate unless all the boxes are checked.

Are you using the product with the input voltage listed in the user manual?
Are you plugging the AC adapter directly into the wall socket without using a multi-socket extension cord?
Are you pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds? (Some of our products do not turn on unless you press and hold the power button for a few seconds.)
Is the product fully charged? (Some of our products require charging before use.)

Please complete the following form to submit a request for a repair fee quotation.

Please check your entries.


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We are not liable for any shipping problems caused by a mistaken address.)

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All shipping and customs fees shall be borne by the customer. Parcels sent by freight collect will be refused.
If no problem can be found after inspection or if the received product is not a YA-MAN product, we will deduct the return shipping fee and the bank fee, reimburse the remaining balance of the repair fee which you have paid, and return the product to you.
Please send the product to the address sent to you in an email after we have confirmed the receipt of your payment. Do not send the product to any other destination.
When sending the product, please be sure that you include the purchase receipt, warranty card, and the whole product set including all accessories, such as AC adapter, user manual, etc.
We only accept EMS shipments. Products sent by other means shall not be received and we are not liable for any problems or loss of product this may result in.
We are not liable for any problems or loss caused as a result of a customer not fully following the instructions and notices on this website and in our emails.