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About Us

Company Name
USD 18 million
Annual Sales
USD 109 million (April, 2015)
Kimiyo Yamazaki
Fiscal Term
140 (April, 2015)
1-4-4 Furuishiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0045 Japan
Sales Office
Shingu Bldg 4F, 2-4-2 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0016 Japan
Manufacturing, research and development, import and export of electronic beauty equipment, fitness machines, cosmetics,ĦĦhealth care products and wellness products.
Import and distribution of semiconductor inspection devices.

Beauty and Health Technology

YA-MAN LTD. brings advanced electronic beauty equipment, fitness machines, cosmetics, and health care products to your home. With over 30 years of background and experience in aesthetic equipment, YA-MAN LTD. is committed to the development and manufacture of innovative and high quality products coupled with superior support and customer service. YA-MAN LTD. continues to evolve its product line and today enjoys rapid global expansion.

Along with refining and introducing a wide range of aesthetic products to the Japanese and world markets, YA-MAN LTD. pioneered (and patented) the fundamental body-fat measurement technologies found in many current devices.

Our long history of developing and marketing high technology devices for professional use gives us further insight into the expectations for advanced home-use products by today's demanding consumer.

Research and Development

YA-MAN LTD. currently has a total of 148 patents (78 in Japan, plus 70 foreign patents) and more than 300 intellectual property rights, including utility patents and others. Having an in-house R&D division is one of our primary advantages.

Design Transfer

Besides developing many of our products in-house, we are always looking for unique and exciting products around the world as well as seeking opportunities to build relationships with qualified business partners. Not only do we bring existing technologies to market, but we are also passionate about working with our partners to create and build revolutionary new products for the world market.


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