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Face V

Face V

Face V

What it is:

An advanced model of 42°Ó Warm/Cool series “H/C Beaute Face V” which delivers warm plate and cool plate treatment for minimizing pores and rejuvenation of skin without switching the mode. Just flip  to the other side for Hot or Cool treatment after turning the power on.



≠°The skin will be held up  by the plate and  efficiently be trained by Mid frequency wave EMS at the same time.

≠ĘChange in skin moisture  after use


5 modes for intensive moisturising and lift up

In addition to “HSP”(Heat Shock Protein)effect by combining 42°Ó warming treatment and 12°Ó cooling treatment, this new model has 5 modes. Cleansing mode will efficiently remove dirt  from pores and Moisture mode delivers strong iontphoresis so that it can be used to effectively penetrate skincare products deep into your skin. After moisturising treatments, Eye care mode can be used to  beautify the skin around the eyes. And EMS up mode can be used for treating facial expression muscles for youthful and lifted skin. Then you can apply cool plate treatment to firm the skin to make the whole treatment even more effective.


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